WaveyNotify Monthly Membership

WaveyNotify Monthly Membership

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What is WaveyNotify?

WaveyNotify is an all-in-one community driven platform that gives you exclusive access to drop dates, bots, tools, and so much more. Learn how to buy at retail, where to sell, and get notified instantly of restocks, profitable drops, and tons more.

Click. Buy. Sell.

The sneaker industry has been so hard to cop for manual users, until now. With WaveyNotify, notifications are sent straight to your phone the instant something drops.

Our Results speak for themselves

WaveyNotify is a profit driven community. This means all items are copped at retail. Whether you're a sneaker collector, or a reseller, WaveyNotify gives you a substantial advantage to start taking W's.

Start taking dubs

Reselling and sneaker collecting shouldn't be as hard as it is. That's why we created WaveyNotify. Whether you're an avid reseller or a sneaker collector, WaveyNotify is for you.

Compatible on all platforms

Don't worry, we made it accessible for everyone. WaveyNotify hosts all of it's strategy, community, competitions, tools, weekly schedules, and more all on Discord. Available to download for everyone on all devices.

More importantly, no subscriptions. Just a one-time payment. What are you waiting for?